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Athabasca University

Alexa DeGagne, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies



  • B.Soc.Sci., University of Ottawa
  • M.A., University of Alberta
  • Ph.D., University of Alberta

Academic Career and Research

I joined Athabasca University in September 2015 as an Assistant Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I am also currently the 2015/2016 Visiting Scholar in Sexuality Studies at York University.

My research, teaching and community engagement are focused on gender-based and sexuality-based social justice movements and activisms in Canada and the United States. 
 Specifically, my work has examined the relationship between feminist movements and fatherhood movements in the context of American welfare programs, and the relationship between LGBTQ movements, and social conservative forces in the context of same-sex marriage policies, in both cases asking how the movements co-constitute, antagonize and assimilate to each other.

My current and future research agenda continues this work by focusing on the relationship between LGBTQ social movement organizations, and police organizations in Canada. I have published and forthcoming works on LGBTQ political organizing in Canada, specifically LGBTQ politics in Alberta; LGBTQ people and the Canadian criminal justice system; LGBTQ refugees in the Canadian refugee system; and the uses of anger as a tool in Canadian LGBTQ activism. 

My political activism is based in my Edmonton queer community where I have worked with several social justice projects as a community organizer, public educator, columnist, radio host, and queer arts festival co-chair. I am currently a producer and host of GayWire News Radio on CJSR 88.5FM.

Recent Publications

DeGagne, Alexa. 2015. “’Severely Queer’ in Western Canada: LGBT2Q Activism in Alberta.” In Queer Mobilizations: Social Movement Activism and Canadian Public Policy.  Manon Tremblay, Ed. UBC Press.

Trevenen, Kathryn and Alexa DeGagne. 2015. “Homonationalism at the Border and in the Streets: Organizing against Exclusion and Incorporation.” In Disrupting Queer Inclusion: Canadian Homonationalisms and the Politics of Belonging. OmiSoore H. Dryden and Suzanne Lenon, Eds. UBC Press.

Gaucher, Megan and Alexa DeGagne. 2014. “Guilty Until Proven Prosecuted: The Canadian State’s Assessment of Sexual Minority Refugee Claimants and the Invisibility of the non-Western Sexual non-Citizen,” Social Politics:International Studies in Gender, State & Society.

DeGagne, Alexa. 2013. “Queer Bedfellows of Proposition 8: Adopting Social Conservative and Neoliberal Political Rationalities in California’s Same-Sex Marriage Fight.” Studies in Social Justice 7 (1): 107-124.

Brodie, Janine and Alexa DeGagne. 2013. “Chapter Five: Neo-Liberalism.” In Critical Concepts: An Introduction to Politics, Fifth Edition. Janine Brodie, Sandra Rein and Malinda Smith, Eds. Pearson Canada.

DeGagne, Alexa. 2012. “Queering the language of ‘sexual minorities’ in Canada.” In Beyond the Queer Alphabet: Conversations in Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality. M.S. Smith and F. Jaffer, Eds. Ottawa: Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. <

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