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Athabasca University

Dr. Karen Nielsen




  • Ph.D. (University of Alberta)
  • M.Ed. (University of New Brunswick)
  • B.SW. (St. Thomas University)
  • B.Sc. (Honors - University of Alberta)


I have been a Tutor with Athabasca University and Women's and Gender Studies since 1991. I have tutored:

  • WGST 303: Issues in Women's Health
  • WGST 354: Women, Religion and Social Change
  • WGST 422: Violence against Women: A Global Perspective
  • WGST 425: Feminist Family Therapy
  • WGST 446: Gender, Culture and Technology
  • PSYC 345: The Psychology of Women
  • PSYC 347: Introduction to Feminist Counselling
  • WGST 310: Feminist Approaches to Counselling

I also tutor in State and Legal Studies and the Master of Integrated Studies Program.


Main focus is abuse and violence in intimate relationships. My research partner, Dr. Ann Marie Dewhurst and I have just developed a new approach to helping men who are abusive in intimate relationships to make effective changes. We are overseeing the pilot project. We will be collecting participation, progress and outcome data. We expect to begin disseminating data in the summer of 2010.


Dewhurst, A.M. & Nielsen, K.M. (2000). Sexual Offenders and Resiliency. Sex Offender Law Report, 1(4), 49-64.

Nielsen, K.M. & Dewhurst, AMD (2005). The Harm Reduction and Abused Women's Safety (HRAWS) Framework for Service Providers Supporting Women Abused by Intimate Partners In: M.R. Hampton & N. Gerrard (Eds.). Intimate partner violence: Reflections on experience, theory, and policy. Toronto: Cormorant Books.

Dewhurst, AMD & Nielsen, K.M. (2007). Working with Mandated Women. In: Feminist Counselling: Theory, Issues, and Practices (in pub)

Nielsen, K.M. & Dewhurst, AMD (2007). Feminist Crisis Counselling. In: Feminist Counselling: Theory, Issues, and Practices (in pub)

Training Videos

1998 Understanding sexual offenders. Produced by Edmonton Police Service

1999 Solution focused therapy in a health setting: A video made for Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

2002 Crisis Counselling: Video for WMST 310 (Athabasca University).

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