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Research and Ethics Guidelines

Some Women's and Gender Studies courses include a research component or a research project. Whenever research involves human participants, strict ethical guidelines must be observed. Research projects that require compliance with ethical guidelines include, but are not necessarily limited to, single-person case studies (e.g., observation of an individual in a natural setting; an interview with a single participant); observational studies (e.g., observing individuals or groups in natural settings); qualitative studies (e.g., interviewing or videotaping one or more individuals); and quantitative studies (e.g., structured questionnaires or surveys). Whenever human participants are recruited for a research project, the principles developed by the Tri-Council Policy must be used to guide the process.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the ethical issues related to research practice. Information can be accessed through Athabasca University's Research Ethics Board (REB) Web site, which will also direct you to AU's Policy for Research Involving Humans (2010) and the Government of Canada's Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. The Canadian Psychological Association Guidelines for Ethical Psychological Practice with Women is available as a PDF document from the CPA website.


If your Women's and Gender Studies course includes a research component or a project that requires you to conduct an interview or survey involving human participants, you must complete and submit the appropriate consent forms along with your completed assignment material.


Complete and submit these two forms for all interview projects or assignments:

Surveys and Questionnaires

Complete and submit these two forms for all survey or questionnaire projects or assignments:

Remember, if you are planning to conduct any kind of research as part of your Women's and Gender Studies course work, consult with your course tutor before proceeding.

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